Franklin-Palooza Assignment

I’m currently working on making a poster to represent Franklin’s “Silence Dogood” essays. I haven’t decided exactly what ones to do yet, but if anyone has suggestions let me know!


2 thoughts on “Franklin-Palooza Assignment”

  1. Kaylee–thinking about what could make for good visuals–

    #4 on higher education–the Temple of Learning, etc

    #6 on ladies with hoopskirts

    #5 on female “ignorance”

    #7 on poetry.

    Those are my favorites. Any one would work visually.

  2. Wow! Kaylee! I am SO excited to see this poster. I know your hard work ethic, admirable talent, and clear interest in the subject matter will most definitely produce a wonderful display. I know you would also want to include a portrayal of Franklin’s trip to heaven in his essay Madam Helveticus.

    Good Luck!

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