Poster for Advertisement


Here is the Poster that the Advertisement Committee and I created. We plan on hanging these up around campus to attract people to our showcase. We are currently in the process of creating a program to hand out at the showcase.

3 thoughts on “Poster for Advertisement”

  1. As a class, I truly believe that we put a lot of effort and work into this “Honors-palooza/ Franklin Fest” so I am really hoping that we get a great turnout when it comes to attendance! However, with this advertisement, I don’t think we will have to worry. I can definitely see it attracting the attention of many Suffolk students and faculty, making them eager to attend the event. This is awesome- Great job!

  2. Just like your Glass Armenia demonstration, this was also great. Thank you so much for helping out the advertising committee with this flyer, and putting in a lot of work for this honor’s palooza. This is a very creative flyer, and it will definitely catch the eye of many Suffolk students and faculty members, hopefully drawing many people to our Franklin Fest. Again, great job and thank you!

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