Should we Keep Jackson and Hamilton?

Saw this in the Onion, thought you would find it interesting.

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Professor Allison chairs the History Department at Suffolk University. He is the author of A Short History of Boston, The American Revolution: A Concise History, and other books; he produced "Before 1776" on colonial America for the Teaching Company's Great Courses, and he is vice president of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts.

One thought on “Should we Keep Jackson and Hamilton?”

  1. From the second this issue became a thing last year, I was very very upset. Of all of the people who we could possibly take off of our currency, why on earth would we want to take off the first secretary of the treasury who ensured that the United States got on the right track financially? Why would we keep Jackson, a slave owner who issued in the Indian removal policy, on the $20, when he fought so ardently against paper money (perhaps to spite him)? Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, while incredibly important, both have their faces on coins and dollars respectively. While the penny is likely going to go out of production (if we’re being honest, but that’s another debate), why not replace the person on the dollar or the quarter? Why should we remove someone who was vital to our country’s economy unifying from our money, and keep the man whose biggest achievement in office was the slaughter of thousands of natives? That’s all I’m saying.

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