Innovation Ideas for the Honor’s Showcase

We have come up with a few ideas for the Innovation section of the showcase. We are going to have a list of all of the innovations/inventions that Franklin created, and explain how all of these innovations have had such a detrimental impact on society today. We will then elaborate and demonstrate a few of these innovations and inventions, and give a little more background on each.

Jason and Anna will be working on Franklin’s invention of swim flippers, and Briana and Megan will demonstrate and explain the significance of Franklin’s experiment with electricity.

The invention I am focusing on is the Glass Armonica, one of Franklin’s favorite inventions. When Franklin invented the Glass Armonica in 1762, he was largely interested in music and attended concerts regularly. At one of these concerts, he saw a man perform a song on water tuned wineglasses. This made him wonder how he could make a musical instrument that would be far more convenient and take away the hassle of having to tune the water level every time, and thus, the Glass Armonica was born.

Below is a picture of what the Glass Armonica looked like.

The Glass Armonica is basically a bunch of horizontally stacked glass bowls of different width and thickness that are constantly spinning. The person playing the instrument must dip their fingers in water and touch the spinning glasses in order to produce sound. At first, this instrument was wildly popular. Even Mozart and Beethoven composed songs for the Glass Armonica. However its popularity quickly dies out, and today there are only about twelve Glass Armonica players worldwide.

For the showcase, I plan on demonstrating how the Glass Armonica worked by playing the classic song, “Mary had a Little Lamb” on four glasses. I have already established the correct amounts of water needed. Franklin too had to experiment with the glasses to get the perfect pitch for each to ensure that he created a perfect musical scale that. Below is a clip of what I am going to be doing.



4 thoughts on “Innovation Ideas for the Honor’s Showcase”

  1. Great post Rachel!! Looking forward to being a part of this group of “innovators”, as I work with Franklin’s electricity experiment alongside Megan. I am glad that we decided to include Franklin’s innovations in our honors-palooza presentation because the significance that they each possess is pretty awesome, considering most are still used in the current day.

  2. I am excited to see how this turns out! I have a kite that I can let you borrow to demonstrate Franklin’s electricity experiment. I will bring it to class on Thursday.

  3. This is awesome! I watched your video of you playing the song and it was so impressive. It is something that seems so simple, yet so hard at the same time. It is made up of just different sized glasses with water in them in your video, but the amount of water and the height of the glasses and the width of the rims make a stunning difference. This was a really great and unique idea for the honor’s palooza. It’s going to be awesome hearing you play it in person and actually seeing the innovation up close! I’m very excited for it. It is also cool to know that Franklin invented the Glass Armonica and a variation of the invention is something so easy to set up and attempt in a person’s free time if they were looking to try it out. Overall, amazing job, and I am looking forward to seeing it all come together at the honor’s event!

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