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One of the most interesting trips that we have taken was to the printing press shop. What first caught my attention was that i thought it would be a chocolate shop trip but that was quickly overshadowed when i saw the guy completely dressed as if he was Benjamin Franklin and living in those times. Looking at all the equipment, i realized how much effort and time went into printing something in those times. The set up for printing took hours, requiring every letter to be precisely set in place before the actual printing could happen. The letters would have to be blotted with an ink ball and then pressed down (hence printing press) really hard in order to get the letters on the paper. It is impressive how something like the printing press could be created given the intricate process that it takes in order to get the final print, however i am grateful that now we have much simpler ways of printing thanks to the printing press. The guy who looked scarily similar to Benjamin Franklin was very informative and knew so much about the printing press and Franklin himself. It was an interesting and cool trip that i have never experienced before. Below is a picture that i took of the experience of Professor Allison in action with the ink balls.



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  1. I really liked this little field trip as well. I never thought about how difficult printing must have been in those days until I saw how much work it took to print one sheet of paper. Also, drying the ink took almost a whole day, so by the time they actually got the paper it is kind of old news. Today we can get updates on our phones every single minute about the news.
    I also thought it was really cool how we got to print the Declaration of Independence and sign it. I definitely think that we need to showcase that document at the Honor’s Extravaganza.

  2. This was an awesome field trip, especially because our class was able to witness this form of printing being done in a way that was so similar to how Franklin had done it in the past. It was pretty cool to see some of our classmates (I believe it was Rachel F. and Alex) actually participate in it as well! Imagine if the printing industry was still the same in the present day? Communication, about anything, would definitely not be too easy for us.

  3. Despite how small and hot the room we were in was, this was one of my favorite field trips we went on this semester. Never had I wondered what it took to print newspapers and get information around back during the time of Benjamin Franklin, but after seeing this, I was thoroughly impressed and a little in awe at how time consuming the process was and to see the precision that was needed with every step that went into the printing. Some of the letters were so small, making it amazing how each letter had to be placed a certain way and how long the process took just to get one page printed. It seemed like such a tedious occupation, making it very impressive and interesting to learn about. It was also nice to see that the printer guy let a few of the students and professor Allison attempt to be printers, printing their very own Declaration of Independence, which we then all got to sign.

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