Attending the Orations

Tonight, I had the honor of attending the “Fifth of March (Boston Massacre) Orations” at the Old South Meeting House. When I first heard about the opportunity to attend, I decided that it may be a good idea to see what it was all about. I knew that it was going to be informative, but what I did not know was that I would be exposed to so many diverse people. These people were all different in their own way but had one thing in common- their interest and acknowledgment of a specific past occurrence which just so happened to be the Boston Massacre.

Walking into the Old South Meeting House, I was eager for the activities of the night to begin. I observed my surroundings and and waiting for what would happen next. To begin, a woman introduced herself and gave us a run down of what we would hear. Not too long after she spoke. we were introduced to the two “hosts” (for lack of better term) of the night: Robert Allison (Hi Professor Allison!!!) and Sam Foreman. They were briefly introduced and the orations began.

Professor Allison gave the crowd a background of the first set of orations that were going to be read. This set was from the Boston Massacre Orations of 1772-1774 and included speeches from Dr. Joseph Warren, Dr. Benjamin Church and John Hancock. Most of the speeches were read in portions by different people, including our own Caroline and Brendan..

There was a short break and then we moved forward to the Boston Massacre Orations of 1775, which was introduced by Sam Foreman (in his best Dr. Joseph Warren attire). Once again, the speeches by Dr. Joseph Warren were read in pieces and this time we got to hear from a different group of people, this time including our classmates Rachel and Marissa.

I really enjoyed the experience and being able to observe such a wonderful event! Below, I have included pictures of our awesome classmates, Professor Allsion and Sam Foreman.

IMG_6655    IMG_6656     IMG_6659

IMG_6658     IMG_6654    IMG_6657

2 thoughts on “Attending the Orations”

  1. I am glad that you decided to summarize the orations, as I was not able to attend as I originally planned. Your post was very informative, and filled me in on what I missed. I love how you included pictures of the speakers. Not only do I get to see our classmates speak, but also a glimpse of the Old South Meeting House, in which I cannot afford to enter. Great work!

  2. Thank you for the pictures! I also found the event to be very informative and entertaining. Many of the readers read the script with such passion, that it made me wonder what it may have been like to have been there when Dr. Joseph Warren, Dr. Benjamin Church and John Hancock were there reciting the orations for the first time. One thing that especially stuck out to me was that when these men gave their speeches, often there would be British Soldiers there with large guns. At the time, there were rumors that if their speeches were to attack British rule, they would be killed. These men spoke with such poise and courage. I can only imagine the pressure and fear that they felt. The Oration was overall a great experience, and I would very highly recommend everyone to go next year. Its also great to see the Old South Meeting House for free!

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