Silence Dogood Letter#10

It was on the 13th of August back in 1722 when Benjamin Franklin published his 10th article under the name of Silence Dogood. It is a little weird he published it under that name right? But it was the only way to get his work published because of the fact they rejected it when it was under his name. In this particular article Franklin points out major facts to help the women population. And I believe it was the foundation of women getting the respect and rights they deserved.

“We have an abundance of women, who are bred well and liv’d well”, Franklin says. By this he really got my attention because he was heading somewhere really important. He said yeah the women were treated so well but after their husbands died they were pretty much in a bad situation. It was hard for them to carry on by themselves, with children and very little money. I believe Franklin felt obligated to help and make a difference. Because of it he opened an office called, “An Office of Ensurance for Widows.” with the idea to help these widows and their kids.

This idea seems so beneficial because Franklin made sure he wanted to help the people who really needed help and not the ones who did not. For an example Franklin say “Intent being to Aid the Poor, not add to the Rich”. I believe just how people beat the system now they would of back then. But Franklin tried his best to disallow that from happening. And he wanted to give money to those widows he actually needed their help. This proposal was quite the idea to come up with back then and not only that but to come up with it at the age of 16. It just goes to really show you where Franklins mindset was and how far advanced it was.

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