Silence Dogood – Essay Three

On the 13th of April in 1722, the third essay of Silence Dogood (the female alias of Benjamin Franklin) was written and submitted to be published in the New-England Courant. This beginning of the essay was written in a manner that acknowledged the fact that service to a country can be offered by all- whether it is accomplished in a physical way or intellectually. Dogood makes it known that “her [own] way” of service comes through her writing, especially her work moving forward in the New-England Courant publication, saying “I have from my Youth been indefatigably studious to gain and treasure up in my mind all useful and desireable knowledge… As I have found it very beneficial to me, I am not without Hopes, that communicating my small stalk in this manner [to the public] may be at least in some Measure useful”. In continuance, it is evident that her intellectual contribution is likely to be controversial (especially due to the fact that she is including her own topics and own opinions). She recognizes that she will not get the chance to be able to please each person who reads her essays, however she remains steadfast in her mission to try to discuss, incorporate and combine as many themes as she possibly can, hoping that at least one person at one time or another will be intrigued with or convinced by her works; Undoubtably, that is a tough feat. With this, she intends to be the a “foundation” of citizen empowerment and wishes that the readers of her publications will build upon her actions and contribute to their country in any way that they can, remembering that no matter what their efforts will be recognized and appreciated. Before concluding this essay, she gives the reader her word the she is speaking out from her heart and will continue to do so throughout the rest of her essay writing. She ends this particular essay having nothing left to say, however the significant impact that she is already beginning to make early on in her essay writing speaks many words, in itself.

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