Statue of Benjamin Franklin



Constructed in 1874, in front of the Old City Hall stands the eight foot tall statue of Benjamin Franklin. Created by Richard S. Greenough, this statue was the first public statue of a person to be installed in the city of Boston. This statue was built to commemorate Benjamin Franklin on all of his achievements.

Known for being an inventor, writer, politician, and leader, Benjamin Franklin was one of the most influential people in the creation of American Democracy. Franklin was the only person to sign all four of the documents that created our democracy today: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, The Treaty of Alliance with France, and The Treaty of Peace with Great Britain. Not only was Franklin apart of the Continental Congress and the country’s Ambassador to France, but he also discovered electricity through his famous kite and bronze key experiment.

Birthplace of Ben Franklin

On January 17, 1706, Ben Franklin was born on here on Milk Street. The building that was originally there when Franklin was born was burnt down in 1811, so the  building pictured pays tribute to Franklin. He was the youngest son out of seventeen children, and he was also the brightest. Although Franklin moved to Philadelphia and eventually became one of the Founding Fathers, his birthplace in Boston remains significant and one of the most important places of Franklin’s life. IMG_2688

Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin


In 1706, on Milk Street right here in Boston, Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin, who was the youngest son out of seventeen children, was born to Josiah and Abiah Franklin. While the actual building burned down in a fire in 1811,  a statue of Franklin’s head was placed to commemorate the birthplace of a person who would grow up to play such an important role in American History. Although Franklin would eventually journey to Philadelphia and contribute to history there, One Milk Street will remain a significant starting point to Franklin’s life.

Ben Franklin Birthplace


Located on Milk st in Boston near the Old South Meeting House is a statue of Benjamin Franklin that sits on the building that this inventor, businessman, diplomat, scientist, etc. was born in.  Born on January 17, 1706, Benjamin grew up having 16 other siblings but being the youngest son of Josiah Franklin, who was a candle and soap maker, and Abiah Folger. Out of this crowded little home in Boston emerged a figure who would change the way we live forever, most notably with his discovery of electricity which we of course still use to this day.

Benjamin’s birth home lasted 120 years until the building was destroyed in 1811. The statue commemorates Benjamin Franklin as he served as one of the most important historical figures of all time. His birthplace remains as one of many Boston landmarks and as a reminder of Franklin’s humble beginnings for all to see.

Ben Franklin: Born in Boston

One Milk St      BF Bust







Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 at One Milk Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The building pictured above is not the one Franklin was born in. That building which originally stood at One Milk Street burnt down in 1811. Today the new building memorializes Franklin’s birth with a bust and text that says “Birthplace of Franklin” carved into the front facade just above the second floor windows. Franklin only spent his early years in Boston and eventually moved to Philadelphia where he ended up becoming one of the Founding Fathers and would serve as a prominent American diplomat it is still important to remember where it all started.

As a side note, it just so happens that there is a “Sir Speedy” printing store located on the first floor of the building. Most people wouldn’t give it a second thought but it turns out to be an interesting coincidence considering that the location was once home to Franklin, who in his younger years was employed in the printing business.


The Statue of Benjamin Franklin



When walking past the old Boston City Hall, most people would not imagine that within it’s gates lies a statue of one of the most prominent figures from United States history placed right in front of it. This statue is of Benjamin Franklin, standing 8ft tall and being made entirely of bronze. On the pedastal where the statue stands, there is also four plaques depicting important moments from Benjamin Franklin’s history, both from his personal life and his politcal career. One side of the statue illustrates Benjamin’s life as a printing apprentice to his older brother, alluding to Bejamin’s later printing buissness in Philadelphia. Another plaque shows Benjamin Franklin’s scientific and creative personality, depeicting Benjamin as he studies electricity and is attempting to learn if lighting is actually electricty through his famous kite and bronze key experiment. The later two plaques showcases Benjamin Franklin’s large role in American History. One of the plaques shows Benjamin Franklin’s signing the Declaratin of Independence alongside those of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The fourth plaque is a depection of Benjamin Franklin role as an American diplomat during the Revoltionary war, portraying Bejamin Franklin as he secures a treaty with France to assist the United States in the Revoltionary War. Benjamin Franklin was not just a smart and successful man, but also a key figure in the birth of country.

Benjamin Franklin Statue

Boston native Benjamin Franklin is known for a plethora of ideologies that shaped American Democracy today. As a commemoration of all of his work in creating America, Richard S. Greenough resurrected an approximately eight foot tall statue of Benjamin Franklin in 1856. This statue can be found in front of Old City Hall, which was actually constructed later in 1874. Today the statue is a huge tourist attraction in Boston. Around the sides of the statue one can observe several depictions of important events that occurred throughout Benjamin Franklin’s life; those of which include the following—his life as a printer, his life as a scientist, his presence at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the signing of The Treaty of Paris.

As a politician, Benjamin Franklin is known for his guidance in shaping modern Democracy through The Declaration of Independence, The Treaty of Alliance with France, The Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, and The Constitution of the United States. The statue thoroughly captures the successes of Benjamin Franklin’s life both as a common folk and as a politician.

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Benjamin Franklin Statue


This statue of Benjamin Franklin was the first statue resurrected in Boston back in 1856, and was designed by Richard Saltonstall Greenough. It is located in front of the Old City Hall and stands eight feet tall. On all four sides of the statue are snapshots from Franklin’s life that depict some of his most important accomplishments. The snapshot on the front of the statue shows Franklin working in the print shop, where he was an apprentice to his brother. However, Franklin and his brother’s relationship eventually deteriorated causing him to move to Pennsylvania. On the back of the statue, is one of Franklin’s most important science experiments, where he is experimenting with electricity. Lastly, on the sides of the statue are snapshots of his involvement in the Treaty of Paris and the Declaration of Independence. Personally, I think that this is a beautiful statue that honors Franklin and all of his attributes to society. Even someone who has very little knowledge about his life, can learn a great deal about him by simply looking at this statue.

Benjamin in Boston

When walking through the streets of Downtown Boston, it is likely that you will come across a monument/statue that is dedicated to BENJAMIN FRANKLIN- one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and one of the most influential and intelligent men throughout American history.


Benjamin Franklin, the son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger, was born on January 17, 1706 at One Milk Street in Boston, Massachusetts (Pictured Above). This building, however, is not the precise location in which Franklin was born due to the fact that the original building burned down in a major fire in back in 1811. One the second story of the modernized building, a carving of Franklin’s bust is able to be seen. Underneath this carving reads “Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin”; this allows all who see to remember the significance of One Milk Street. When the modernized building was built, it just so happened to also be the location of “Sir Speedy”. “Sir Speedy” is a print shop. That is quite ironic due to the fact that Franklin worked in (as well as gained skill and success in) a printing press as a teenager as an apprentice to his elder brother. The significance of this building is immense and though he did not live there his entire life (he later ventured off to Philadelphia) – it was where he began.


The Granary Burial Grounds, located on Tremont Street, is the resting place/ gravesite/monument that is dedicated to the parents of Benjamin Franklin- Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. Pictured above is the renovated “obelisk” (a skinny pyramid-shaped monument) that was constructed by citizens of Boston in 1827 after the original gravestones, that were constructed by Benjamin Franklin, himself, had succumbed to natural ware and tear. When obelisk was erected, an inscription that referenced the lives of Josiah and Abiah, in quick and influential summary, along with the birth/death dates. Benjamin Franklin is not buried here, however a few of his siblings were laid to rest with their parents here. The Granary Burial Grounds is also home to Samuel Adams, Crispus Attucks, James Otis, John Hancock and Paul Revere. Had Benjamin been buried there, instead of in Philadelphia (where many of his successes took place)- he would have definitely been in great company being laid to rest alongside many other influential Americans.


This full body statue/monument of Benjamin Franklin is located at the Old City Hall, which is now home to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on School Street. This is one of the most iconic statues in the city of Boston and it just so happens to be one of my favorites. Constructed in 1856, each part of the statue has its own significance. Underneath the full body statue is a square-shaped monument; this piece of the square monument has pictures engraved on all four sides. One side has a photograph of him working with electricity and there is a latin script below it, on another side, he is pictured signing the Declaration of Independence along with others who signed it as well, there then is a picture of him working in a printing press and lastly there is a photograph of his working on the Treaty of Paris.

Benjamin Franklin was man of many skills and much intelligence. He is one to be remembered and all of these these monuments are the perfect way to remember him by.

Awesome view of the Franklins’ grave stone head.


I had a very nice view of Franklin’s parents’ grave in Boston with the class. It was interesting to see that the Franklins have the biggest stone head out of everyone in the cemetery. I also enjoyed listening to professor Allison talk about it and give some background information, even though it was very cold this day. I learned a lot about Benjamin Franklin, and was especially excited to hear that he was born right on Milk Street- where my favorite coffee shop is- and that his parents are buried somewhere that I walk by every single day! This memorial-viewing was so informational for me, and it was so cool to learn Franklin’s roots to my own hometown of Boston, Ma.