Ben Franklin Birthplace


Located on Milk st in Boston near the Old South Meeting House is a statue of Benjamin Franklin that sits on the building that this inventor, businessman, diplomat, scientist, etc. was born in.  Born on January 17, 1706, Benjamin grew up having 16 other siblings but being the youngest son of Josiah Franklin, who was a candle and soap maker, and Abiah Folger. Out of this crowded little home in Boston emerged a figure who would change the way we live forever, most notably with his discovery of electricity which we of course still use to this day.

Benjamin’s birth home lasted 120 years until the building was destroyed in 1811. The statue commemorates Benjamin Franklin as he served as one of the most important historical figures of all time. His birthplace remains as one of many Boston landmarks and as a reminder of Franklin’s humble beginnings for all to see.

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