Benjamin Franklin: Boston Born

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Though Benjamin Franklin spent a majority of his life in Philadelphia, he was actually born in Boston, Massachusetts a fact that many people forget because of his accomplishments while in Philadelphia. In the pictures above I’ve captured 1 Milk Street, Boston, Massachusetts; the site of the house where Benjamin Franklin was born.

The building in the pictures isn’t the exact birthplace, the house on Milk Street that Franklin was born in burned down and was built over. However the location of the birth of one of our nation’s Founding Fathers is commemorated by a bust on the second story of the building that now stands in the place of the Milk Street house of Franklin’s birth. In the second picture you see the “Birthplace of Franklin” to let passersby know of the locations importance in our American history. This place is significance because without the birth of Franklin our American history is nothing; his vital role in creating America cannot be understated. Franklin helped negotiate diplomatic deals with France for an alliance and with Great Britain to end the Revolutionary War. He also coined the propaganda “Join or Die” which would aid in uniting the colonies together. Franklin’s impact on creating America is astounding which is why he has earned the title of a Founding Father.

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  1. I literally walk by this building almost every day and was unaware that that was the location of Franklins birth. Every time I walk by it now I have to stop and look at his statue. I think to myself how cool would It be if his original birthplace would not have burned down back in the 1800s and was still around for people to see.

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