Benjamin Franklin Birthplace

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Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on 1 Milk St on January 17th, 1706. The site is located in downtown Boston right near the Old South Meeting House. Although this is not the exact building that Franklin was born in, it is on the same site. The actual home that he was born in burnt down in a fire in 1811. Captured in the second picture is the bust that was placed on the new building to acknowledge that this was Franklin’s birthplace.

This site is so significant because it was where Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, was born and grew up. Franklin played a large role in American history whether it be being a diplomat, working as a scientist with electricity, or working in the printing business. It is important for us to recognize where one of the most important men in American history came from. Without Benjamin Franklin, American history could have been a lot different as he not only brought so much to Massachusetts, but to America as a whole.


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