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What is “workplace giving”?

Workplace Giving is a way that employed people can make tax-deductible donations to charity through automatic withdrawals from their paychecks.

Why should I participate?

Workplace giving is convenient: you give right from your paycheck, automatically. It’s also a method that you can trust, since your Human Resources representative vets each charity every year to ensure they meet standard eligibility requirements. All charities chosen will accept tax-deductible donations. Best of all, workplace giving allows employees with even modest incomes to be philanthropists.

How do I give to the Forum through my company’s workplace giving program?

If your company has a workplace giving program, your Human Resources department will invite all employees to participate once a year. Please choose to support the Ford Hall Forum if it is offered as an option!

If the Ford Hall Forum is not listed as one of your company’s standard charitable options, we would appreciate your asking your Human Resources representative to consider us. S/he can call the Executive Director of the Ford Hall Forum at (617) 557-2007 for more information about our organization.

What if my company doesn’t have a Workplace Giving program yet?

Please ask your Human Resources department to set one up. Facilitating charitable giving at the office boosts the company’s image in the community as well as employee morale. A workplace giving option is a cost-free benefit that businesses can offer their workforce. In addition, Ford Hall Forum alerts its supporting workplaces about upcoming forums which can be free and fun office outings.

Your Human Resources staff will 1.) decide which charities its employees will potentially support; 2.) investigate each non-profit organization to determine whether it meets company standards; and 3.) give employees an annual opportunity to select a charity and set up automatic payroll deductions for donations.

How else can I give through my workplace?

Inquire about a “company match” policy for charitable donations. Specifically, your business might match its employees’ personal giving to a non-profit up to a certain dollar amount. It’s an easy way to give double the bang to your buck to the Ford Hall Forum.