China in the Eyes of Dr. Suleski

Suffolk's Ron Suleski in China with scholar Yang Jinhai

Suffolk's Ron Suleski in China with scholar Yang Jinhai

Suffolk’s own Dr. Ronald Suleski, the director of the Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies, is featured in a new three-volume set titled China in the Eyes of Harvard: Interviews with the Experts on China Issues in Harvard University 哈佛看中國: 全玖頂級中國問題專家談中國問題.

The book, published in China early this year, features Chinese scholars interviewing Harvard’s China experts.

Suleski, the former Assistant Director of the John King Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University, appears in the volume on Culture and Academics. Suleski discusses his time in Korea under the U.S. Army, the difference between Chinese and Japanese culture, and American scholar interest in the Qing dynasty.

The volume was compiled by Zhang Guanzi of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and published in Chinese to offer an American perspective to scholars in China. Guanzi told China Daily, “The results of research carried out at Harvard are the most likely to influence America’s policy toward China. The university’s professors, who also serve as think tanks for the U.S. government, have many different but remarkable insights into China.”

As head of  the Rosenberg  Institute, Suleski was proud to note his move from Harvard to Suffolk. “Chinese scholars all know the name of the Fairbank center,” he said, “and they need to be aware that serious academic study of China is ongoing at Suffolk.”

The Chinese version can be purchased from Amazon China, and there are plans to publish an English language version in China.

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