Innovative Teaching Award (Suffolk employees only)

The Center for Teaching & Scholarly Excellence and the 2017 Symposium on Innovation in Teaching & Learning (formerly the Technology Symposium) Committee have introduced the Innovative Teaching Award to recognize faculty who have engaged in effective teaching and to encourage the dissemination of progressive teaching practices. “Innovative teaching” refers to teaching practices (e.g., approaches to student collaboration, strategies for engaging students actively, methods of assessment) that are new or novel within the context of the discipline that contribute to increased student learning. Incorporation of innovative educational technology is encouraged but not required. The awards committee will be comprised of faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences, Sawyer Business School, and the Law School, as well as at least one student and one staff member. The award will be presented at the 2017 Symposium on Innovation in Teaching & Learning on Tuesday, May 16th.


The criteria for the Innovative Teaching Award include:

  • Innovativeness in approach
  • Contribution to student learning
  • Scope of the teaching practice
  • Effective use of technology (only applicable to nominations incorporating innovative technology)

Nomination process:

Nominators are asked to complete a nomination interest form. Self-nominations are welcome. Nominations for individuals and for collaborative teams (e.g., co-instructors) will be accepted.

**If you were nominated by someone you do not need to fill out an interest form.

Nominees should submit the following materials via email to
*submitting a form of interest is not a complete application

  1. Summary of the teaching practice, completed by nominee, 300 words maximum to include:
  2. Description of teaching practice, including whether technology is integral
    • Justification for why teaching practice is innovative
    • Explanation of positive impact on student learning
  3. Detailed description of the innovation, completed by nominee, 1500 words maximum, to include:
    • Context: course name, who are the students, when the course occurred, etc.
    • Motivation for the innovation: for example, what problem did this innovation try to address
    • Explanation of how the innovation was implemented in the course
    • Description of evidence for the innovation’s contribution to student learning, leveraging quantitative and/or qualitative data if possible (e.g., student performance score comparisons, anonymized student work, student feedback, student behavioral observations, course evaluation data, focus group data).
    • Justification for why the teaching practice is innovative/original within the context of higher education, the discipline, or the department as applicable
    • Scope of the innovation, including scale of impact (i.e., number of students, involvement of other courses, etc.), replicability across disciplines, and sustainability over time
  4. 1-3 supporting materials (e.g., assignments, links to online resources, examples of anonymized student work, course evaluation data)
  5. 1-3 letters of support from faculty/students/colleagues testifying to the innovation and its impacts on student learning/engagement.


Nomination interest form due: Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Nomination materials due: Friday, March 24th, 2017

For more information or question, please contact the Center for Teaching & Scholarly Excellence at


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