Iceland’s Geothermal Energy

Iceland: Geothermal Phenomenon

Because of its singular geological position, Iceland has the special conditions needed to generate geothermal energy. The high degree of volcanism, along with the world renowned expertise of Icelandic specialists in the field of geothermal energy utilization, enables Iceland to be the world leader the production of this eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable power.” 


As you probably figured out from the quote above, Iceland is one of the world leaders in geothermal energy. It currently uses Geothermal to provide about 65% of its energy. Geothermal energy in Iceland is used in several ways such as being harnessed for heat and also producing electricity. Icelanders use geothermal energy for just about any purpose. The following video goes in depth about how Iceland uses geothermal energy.

They do not need to burn coal to produce energy, they just use the steam directly from the earth.





Their location is a geothermal hotspot. You have probably seen pictures of hot springs, geysers or steam coming out of the ground. That was most likely Iceland. Due to potential and many possibilities, geothermal power will continue to be the main source of growth of the energy industry in Iceland. Because Iceland has a large supply of geothermal energy, it has a low cost, which is why Iceland has” the lowest cost of electricity than most other OECD countries. (“ Besides geothermal energy being a very low cost in Iceland, it is also much cleaner. There is no smoke or gases being burned during this process. No pollutants get discharged into the air which can reduce harmful emissions.

As you can see if the graph below geothermal energy ir the primary energy source and provides almost 25% of the nations electricity.


Overall Iceland continues to dominate the geothermal industry. Their prime location makes it possible to grow unconditionally. Question is, will they use all the geothermal for themselves? or will they export it to other nations in need of environmental changes?

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