Becoming more physically active in a busy professional life

By Lisle Baker and Anthony Colesano


Lawyers are used to doing legal work that implies physical activity – making motions, standing up for their clients, and even sitting in judgment. But how can attorneys find ways actually to be physically active when they are so busy in their offices? This article explores why and how that might occur.

We believe readers can take judicial notice of how much lawyers sit still compared to other learned professions, like medicine, architecture, or education, each of which has some movement built in to see patients, view buildings, or go to classes. Indeed, you are probably sitting still as you read this article. If you are a lawyer who would like to be more physically active but find it hard to do, this article is for you. In it, we

  • Explain the role that physical activity can play in aiding your professional success;
  • Recommend laying a foundation of a medical and fitness assessment;
  • Explain some activities you can do to take an energizing break in your office – without equipment, getting on the floor, or wearing special clothes; and
  • Explore how you might find time in your day to be more active.


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