January 30

Da Zheng’s Silent Traveler now in Chinese

Da Zheng has just published the Chinese language version of his well-received 2010 book on Chiang Yee.  The Chinese language version is titled Xixing huaji: Jiang Yi zhuan 西行畫記: 蔣彝傳 (The Silent Traveler in the West: A Biography of  Chiang Yee) (Beijing, Commercial Press, 2013).

Chiang Yee (1903-1977 ) was a poet, painter, scholar, and an exile who lived most of his adult life in the West, principally in England and the United States. In his many publications and through his drawings, he captured the flavor of Western life as seen through an Asian sensibility.  Zheng’s new book begins with 16 plates, most in color, that serve as a visual introduction to the elegantly written text which follows. Other sketches and photos in black and white illustrate the text. Chiang’s poetry, translated in the English edition of Da’s book, is available here in the original Chinese version. The book’s publisher, the Commercial Press  (商務印書館) is one of China’s most established publishing houses.

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August 1

Da Zheng’s talk at BCNC

Da Zheng will be speaking this Saturday on “Chiang Yee’s Transnational Experiences.” He will describe Chiang Yee’s personal encounters with racial exclusion and immigration laws, displacement, exile, and the pain he experienced while maintaining a popular public image. The talk is sponsored by the Chinese Historical Society of New England (CHSNE), of which Dr. Zhang is a board member.

The talk will be on Saturday 4 August 2012 from 2pm to 4pm at the BCNC (Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center), 38 Ash Street in Boston. It will be moderated by Dr. Peter Kiang from the Asian American Studies Program at UMass Boston. The talk is free and open to the public.  You can RSVP at info@chsne.org.

This talk is funded in part by Mass Humanities and the Wang Foundation, and is co-sponsored by BCNC. Both CHSNE and BCNC are community outreach partners of the Rosenberg Institute.

BCNC link here.

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