October 7

Shanghai Study Abroad Summer 2012

Would you like to learn Chinese while living in China? This summer, from July 6-August 17, an intensive language and culture program will be run at the prestigious Shanghai Normal University 上海师范大学. One of the best places to learn Chinese in the P.R.C. In addition to language instruction, there will be excursions to places around Shanghai as well as a trip to the culturally rich city of Suzhou. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful opportunity, please come to one of the info sessions listed below:
Or feel free to email Dr. Chris Dakin directly:
Fenton 516
Oct. 18, Archer 365A (meet some students who went last summer)
Nov. 8, Fenton 116 (general session about the program)

Testimonials from students who visited Shanghai in 2011.
From Laila Nashat:

Students interested in anything from China’s culture to politics and business should most definitely consider a trip to China! Not only did my experience in Shanghai improve my study of Mandarin, but I gained a better insight into the daily lives of Chinese people, a lesson that is impossible to be studied from the pages of a textbook. While in China my interests multiplied as my knowledge of all things Chinese grew. Now that I am back at Suffolk, I feel like my trip has given me better direction for my future and a more diverse perspective on both my academic and personal life. For those of you who are on the fence about whether you should go or not, go for it!

From Jennie Chung:
I’ve been to various places in China all throughout my life, but this July was my very first time in Shanghai as well as my first time studying abroad. This summer, I enrolled in the six-week Intensive Chinese Language Program at Shanghai Normal University. During this time, not only was I able to improve my Chinese significantly, but I was also able to meet many foreign student from all over the world who were also participating in this program. We would have class every day in the mornings and then the rest of the day was left for us to explore the new environment, try authentic foods, and of course, study for our very next class. Every Wednesday, the school would organize an activity which would bring all the students together and learn a traditional practice such as Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Tai Chi, etc. I had such a blast during those six weeks! I couldn’t believe how these six weeks could end so abruptly. It all seemed like it was just a week ago when this adventure started? So, I made the decision to continue my studies here in Shanghai, to meet many more people, and to explore this amazing place to another level.

I recently started my studies at Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. Because of how much fun I had over the summer, I knew that staying here in Shanghai would be the right choice. This semester started about 3 weeks ago and I have already met a large group of friends ranging from local Shanghainese student to foreign students all the way from Kazakhstan. I am looking forward to what the future has in store here in Shanghai.

I am glad I made the decision to study abroad, but more specifically, I am glad I chose Shanghai, China.

Jennie Chung in SuZhou


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