Last Week to See ‘Full Count’ by Ben Evans at Gallery NAGA

Ben Evans, Fine Arts 2011, presents his second major exhibition ‘Full Count’ at Gallery NAGA. Ben’s immersive installation charts the career of fictional baseball player Benny Cobb. Through this character notions of masculinity and the complexities of love are explored.

Navigating relationships is also a theme found in Benjamin Evans’ work. A recent graduate of New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, Evans incorporates found materials, film, and photography to mediate the concepts of love, sex, and virility. For his installation at NAGA, Evans explores the idea of how the game of baseball can be used to reflect on the concept of virility and relationships in a sexualized world. Evans constructs a baseball-themed environment installation to tell the story of the fictional rising star for the New Berry Roosters, Benny Cobb. Full Press Release

‘Full Count’ is on view at Gallery NAGA, 67 Newbury St, through February 1st.

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