Join Kate McLean for a Boston “Smell Walk” on August 7th

Experience Boston through your nose!

Kate McLean (Graphic Design 2004), Sensory Cartographer, invites you to join her on a smell walk of Boston as a part of her latest smell research project.

The walk will start at 7pm on Wednesday, August 7th at Haymarket and covers a distance of just over 2 miles finishing at Charles Street/Boston Common.

“The aim of this particular walk is the exploration of a series of one-dimensional maps of a smell journey through a city based on distance and time. I will be assessing how many smells we encounter on a single journey. I am interested to find out how each person perceives and describes the smells and their association with particular smells and aromas.

At key points I will stop and talk about smell expectations, how certain companies use fragrance for marketing, country-specific smells, and we will try to deconstruct some complex smells that have interested me for some time.”

Please email for further details or to sign up.