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sara (1)After 35 years at The New England School of Art & Design, it may come as a surprise to some of you that I might ever leave the school, under my own steam anyway. But the time has come and I regret, in some ways, to tell you that June 19th will be my last day here.

The school has been to me more important than I can say, for all those years. One of my very dearest friends, and matron of honor at my wedding, was a fellow employee. Some of my favorite people on this planet went to NESAD. And I will honor Bill Davis – and be grateful to him – forever. I’ve watched the school metamorphose from a small, struggling art school on Newbury Street in 1978 through its early associations with Suffolk University, to its current place as a respected department of that university.

I’ve seen countless students come and go and, because we used to do all the admissions and registration work without benefit of computers, I can still remember some of your home addresses from 30+ years ago. I’ve seen countless changes in facilities as we’ve grown and prospered and perhaps my only regret is that I didn’t see the school move into a building of its own, which it richly deserves.

I’ve also met and known countless faculty members over the years, some of the smartest and most talented artists and educators one could ever wish to have on any staff. Some I’ve worked closely with and I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.

So what now? Haven’t a clue. Travel I hope, perhaps a chance to get my house in order, more time with my husband. Projects that have been languishing in the basement, more biking, more gardening. Maybe I won’t get up at 4am anymore or ride the bus for two hours. Perhaps I’ll no longer be disappointed if it rains on a weekend.

Whatever I do, and whatever you do, my best wishes to all of you. You’ve really done the school proud and you’ve brought me great joy and many friendships I’ll treasure always. I hope your careers flourish as you wish and that you continue to find happiness and fulfillment in what you learned at NESAD.

My very best always, Sara

4 thoughts on “My Final Blog Post”

  1. Hi Sara,
    All the best to you in your retirement!
    It is a wonderful life! Remember, if anyone asks you what you will be doing in retirement,
    just say ” Whatever I want to do.”

    Coral Moon-Lewis
    Class of 1969

  2. Sara! The school won’t be the same without your smiling face walking around the school! You’ve always been encouraging and interested what the students of NESAD are up to. As a student and Alum, it’s nice to know that someone cares enough to keep track of everyone, where they’re working, how many kids people have, what kind of dog do they own.

    I’ll definitely miss our little chats.

    – Joel

  3. Sara good luck in your retirement! Travel, the airports do a great job
    in keeping one’s mind sharp!

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