1999 – Gracyn (Robinson) Whitman

1999 – Gracyn (Robinson) Whitman (Interior Design), who for years has carried on a thriving design business as Gracyn R. Whitman Design, has opened a new interior design atelier on the North Shore. Located in Wenham, A Casa Design (www.acasadesign.com) specializes in “project management, procurement and a destination point for the ABC’s of Interior Design: Architects, Builders and Clientele”. (A Casa Design website) With 15+ years experience as a designer, coupled with her academic training at NESADSU and three years studying and working in Italy, Gracyn is well placed to provide client-centered design services for any taste. In addition to a thriving business, Gracyn is busy raising three daughters, now 5, 8 and 10. You can get in touch with her at gracyn@acasadesign.com.